Kayden’s POV from Inescapable Desire, The Closet Scene

New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Danielle Jamie


Rolling onto my side, and propping myself up onto my elbow, I gaze down at the most beautiful woman to ever grace this earth. Savannah is smiling up at me, with an well satisfied grin stretched across her face. Smiling down at her with a cocky grin, I gently brush the away loose strands of hair off of her face.

Savannah’s chest is rising and falling as she comes back down to earth from the orgasm I just graced her with. Early morning sex wakes us up better than ten cups of coffee. Smiling up at me with her baby blue’s twinkling in the early sun light she finally musters the strength to speak, “My entire body is numb.” Her voice comes out soft and breathy, instantly making me want to go for round two.

“I would risk my dick falling off, to hear you say that multiple times a day.” I…

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