Kayden POV from Irresistible Desire Where he learns that Savannah & Logan have broken up

New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Danielle Jamie

Enjoy!! Write me on facebook with any other scenes you want in Kayden’s POV!


There’s nothing like having a business meeting over a round of golf. Helps make them a little less boring. We’re finally at the 18th hole, once I sink my ball this meeting is over. I’ve been swamped with meeting, after meeting over the last several weeks; working out the plans for my wind energy project. I’ve welcomed the extra work load, it’s been a great distraction.

Ever since I flew back from L.A., my brain has been on overload. I can’t get that Assistant Editor out of my head. I’ve met many women over the last couple of years. Actresses, models, random chicks at my clubs and none have affected me this bad without even taking their freakin’ clothes off.

The kicker is she has a boyfriend, to top it off, it was all over the…

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